What People Are Saying…

“Working with Martha is a fun, safe, profound experience.”
     – Cathy
| San Carlos, California

“Martha has been a catalyst for big shifts in my work and relationships…I’m loosening the grip of old patterns and accessing a profound new sense of ease and freedom.”
     – Helen | Seattle, Washington

“This work has helped bring clarity and depth to my life.”
     – Terrence
| Seattle, Washington

“I can now access a wealth of options to more easefully respond to the stressful or frenetic events in my life.”
     – Elizabeth
| Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“With this shift comes a kind of personal power I’ve never experienced before.”
     – Dee | Seattle, Washington

“My experience working with Martha has been quite amazing… it’s opened a window into the deepest parts of who I am.”
     – Ben | Seattle, Washington

“Martha’s blend of skilled wisdom and deep compassion allowed me to open parts of myself and tap into the innate joy and contribution that was waiting. I am forever grateful.”
    – Victoria | San Juan Islands, WA

“I’m one of those do, do, do people… Pushing myself constantly, and often fighting my inner-critic. Martha helped me to slow down and listen, and then to feel what was going on within my mind and my body. I often found myself going from a frazzled and frustrated state of mind to tears to laughter in our sessions. Thank you Martha for helping me to slow down and embrace the richness of my life and begin to listen to the messages my body was sending me moment to moment!”
    – Lindley Frahm | California