Organizational Consulting

Martha helps organizations get unstuck and helps them establish healthy growth. A skilled and intuitive organizational-cartographer, Martha assists leaders in mapping the landscape of their organization. This process reveals blocked streams that create pressure, like water against a dam. This pressure signals territory that is calling for gentle excavation, in order to reveal underlying capacities within their leadership, teams and overall organization that currently lie dormant. It’s crucial for an organization to bring these dormant capacities “online” in order to successfully navigate today’s complexities.

When might you engage Martha for organizational consulting?

  • Business is sluggish, declining, or you’re simply wanting a different outcome and you are ready for a game-changing process to uncover a wider range of strategies.
  • Business is good and you want to mindfully navigate the challenges of growth.
  • You see the need for your organization to become more adaptable and responsive in order to weather the inevitable changes of the evolving marketplace.

What do consulting engagement look like?

  • Consulting engagements vary in length and their structure is unique to each organization and its needs. Contact Martha to start a conversation.