Individual Coaching

An attentive and intuitive life-cartographer, Martha assists clients in mapping the landscape of their lives. This process reveals blocked streams that create pressure, like water against a dam. This pressure signals territory that is calling for gentle excavation, in order to reveal underlying capacities that currently lie dormant.

When might you seek Martha’s coaching?

  • You are in the midst of a life transition or something seems to be calling you to grow, and you sense that what’s required is something deeper than traditional supports.
  • You are experiencing difficulties in your work or your relationships that are painful and you’re asking yourself why. You’ve felt similarly in the past, which inspired you to take action. You’ve done your work, you’ve made changes, you’ve seen great progress, yet there is clearly more to be seen.
  • Life is showing you that you’re ready for the next level.

Martha’s framework reveals your life topography in greater detail—what’s happening outside and inside of you—bringing deep insights and awareness to what was previously hidden. This approach is not about learning to do things differently, it’s about learning to see your world and how you move in it more clearly…allowing you to perceive the vast possibilities that are already there.

What are coaching sessions like?

  • Coaching sessions last 1 ½ hours
  • Sessions are held in-person in Seattle, or anywhere by phone or Skype

Contact Martha to discuss working together or to schedule a session.