About Martha

MarthaAn uncommon blend of rational and intuitive, strategic and empathic, practical and visionary, Martha delights in watching people identify and find freedom from unseen traps of their own making…herself included.

She has 25 years experience designing and successfully implementing groundbreaking strategies in public accounting, business strategy, management, and healthcare technology. Over time she came to realize that much of her success stemmed from her awareness of non-cognitive information and the ability to see critical points of leverage that create big shifts.

Martha’s respect for this subtle and typically unrecognized information led her to follow its “call” to leave her thriving career in healthcare technology and step into the less certain world of coaching and consulting at the peak of the recession.

In 2009 Martha’s work with Pacific Integral launched her consulting practice, in which she collaborates with individuals, organizations, and other groups to reveal protective layers and patterns that hide their vast capacities. She enjoys the journey with her clients as they find their authentic power and resilience, and respond to change in more strategic and effective ways—whether that change is in markets, organizational structures, interpersonal relationships, or other internal/external dynamics.

Martha’s book, Going Reptile, combines practical insights and the latest brain research in a playful and accessible framework for understanding what we all do to maintain (or grow!) our own limiting traps, and how we can begin to free ourselves from them.