Here are some cool and interesting links:

Dan Siegel on Interpersonal Connection – from a Medical System Perspective

Dan discusses how Presence impacts healing from a scientific perspective. Daniel Siegel, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA.  He says “integration that happens interpersonally stimulates the activity and growth of fibers in the brain that are integrative”.  The complex system of the brain coordinates and balances through “differentiate and link”.  “Interpersonal integration catalyzes/cultivates neural integration”.  “Self Regulation – attention, emotion, affect, mood, thought, physiology, relationships – every aspect we can explore depends on integration in the brain”.     (Approx. 30 mins.)

Nadine Burke Harris has a TedMed talk on the ACE’s Study and how childhood adverse experiences have a direct effect on health outcomes.  

Most of us have experienced environmental failures in our development. Some of us many more than others.  This TED talk gives us a look into how significantly environmental failures can impact us and our health.  I really appreciate how in this talk, Nadine Burke Harris lays out the scientific data relating to the correlation between ACEs and health.

I’m fascinated by how our brains are able to be rewired and how we can heal.  The above video by Dan Siegel addresses some of this potential.